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Spitbraai - Rotisserie - Espetada Braai- Displays - Signage - Catering & many more uses.

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Synchronous Gear Motors

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Synchronous Gear Motors in a uni or a bi-directional operational mode that are employed in various applications such as gaming, timing clocks and incubators are available ex stock from BirCraft, Johannesburg.

These Synchronous gear motors are rated between 2.8 to 6.1 watts and offer between 0.55Ncm and 3.2Ncm torque depending on the selection of the motor. They have base speeds of 500 rpm at 50 Hz. Standard stock voltage is 230Vac. Other voltages are available on request. (12, 24, 48, 110, 200 & 240Vac)

With a simple clip mechanism these units are coupled to gear heads that offer permissible torques between 80 Ncm and 500Ncm with reduction ratios from 25/3 to 18,000,000.

Stepper Motors in 12Vdc are available in a 1 step angle of 15º with 24 steps per revolution or a 1/2 step angle of 7.5 º and 48 steps per revolution. These units are operational in a bi-directional mode.

The DC Motor with a base speed from 3850 rpm to 8700 rpm can also be coupled to clip on gear reducers to achieve the desired output RPM. The DC Motors are available in 12 and 24Vdc.

The simplicity of coupling permits a quick gearbox replacement.

Typical Applications include Vending and Entertainment Machines, Advertising Equipment, Drink Stirrers, Doll Animation, Dosing Devices, Valve Controls, Displays, Clocks and Peristaltic Pumps.

A DC/AC Voltage converter is available for synchronous motors.

Electronic applications in this range include Cam Timers, Electro-mechanical and Digital Timers as well as Impulse Counters and Programmable Controllers.


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