Trusted Supplier of DC & AC Electric Motors, Geared Motors and Linear Actuators

  Geared MotorsEstablished 1978 BirCraft is a South African based company with over 40 years of supplying to all facets of Sub Saharan African Industry with all types of:- DC and AC Electric & Geared Motors and Linear Actuators { Electric Cylinders }{ up to 40 tons of Force }, Screw Jacks, Electro-Mechanical Power Transmission & Motion products,  in all voltages speeds and gear types.

  Plus – Tachogenerators, Encoders, Fractional DC Geared Motors, Fractional AC Geared Motors, Compact Industrial Gear Motors, Solar Actuators, Brushless DC-“BLDC,” Battery Traction, EV, IEC and NEMA, AC and DC Variable Speed Controls, Shaded Pole Geared Motors, Synchronous AC Motors, Servo motors, Sub fractional, Mini / Micro motors, Mini / Micro Actuators, Worm, Helical, Bevel & Planetary Gearboxes, and our Hazardous environment Motors – Stainless Steel, Washdown, Explosion proof, Flame proof, Dust ignition proof, IP66 and our “ CUSTOM Designed & Manufacturing capabilities” for specialised applications – all of which can be shipped Globally.

Backed by Internationally renowned brand manufactures of AC & DC, Geared, Electric Motors, Linear Actuators & Speed Controls / Drives with motors from 2000 kW down to 2 watts, in all voltages speeds and gear types – WormHelicalBevel & Planetary and of course our SpecialisedCustom Design & Manufacturing capability.

For:-: Mining – Aggregate – Cement – Petroleum – Chemical – Plastics – Materials Handling – Pulp – Paper – Printing – Packaging – Forestry – Timber – Steel / Aluminium – Agricultural
– Power Generation – Aerospace – Military – Medical – Dental – Signage –Appliance – Electronics – and many more