12/24 V DC Motors

Distinguishing features of 12/24 V DC Motors: their high start torque which enables them to overcome heavy loads on start-up, a torque/speed ratio suitable for heavy workloads and the ability to absorb the kickbacks of a variable load. DC Motors are dense but lightweight within a compact size frame suitable for restricted space applications but offering maximum performance.


  • Power from 100W to 1500W, Intermittent or Continuous duty.
  • Variable Speed Controllers available on request.
  • Reduction Gear Boxes can be fitted to achieve users required output speed and torque.
  • Position, Speed and Shifting Sensors such as Encoders can be fitted on request.
  • Electromagnetic brakes can be fitted on request.


Speed Controllers are also available, click here to view our Speed Controllers.


Motor Specifications:


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RPM = Revolutions per Minute / S1 = Continuous running duty / S2 = Short Time Duty – Motor works at a constant load, but NOT long enough to reach temperature equilibrium and ensure the rest period is long enough for the motor to reach ambient temperature.