“LITE” Econo Actuator

BirCraft’s range of “Lite” Econo Linear Actuators type “LET” with ACME screw, built-in Micro switch and an internal diode can automatically stop and enables the direction to change by simply reversing the polarity. Units available in 12 & 24Vdc in stroke length increments of 50mm and with operating temperature -26°C~+65°C

Max Load – up to 1200N (120Kg)
Max static force – 3000N (300Kg)
Standard Voltage: 12 and 24Vdc (Optional – 36Vdc)
Speeds up to 27mm/s
Standard Stroke length: 50, 100, 200,300 & 500mm (Optional – 25 to 1000mm)
Operating temperature -26°C~+65°C
Aluminum outer tube and push rod
Protection – IP65
Duty Cycle 20%
Life time expectancy – 50 000 cycles