Worm / Right Angle

Industrial Geared Motors

BirCraft’s range of Industrial Geared Motors offer ratings from 0.09kW to 75kW with gear ratios available from 2:1 up to 2000:1, used in Mining – Timber – Steel & Aluminium – Glass – Plastics – Railways & Harbours – Agricultural – Pulp – Paper – Printing – Pump– Solar – Petro & Chemical Industries. Industrial geared motors are available in right angle worm, In Line, Helical & Spur or Planetary configurations. These geared motors are suitable for fixed and variable speed applications. Our expanded range of motors include: Washdown – Spark Proof – Flame Proof – Explosion Proof – Stainless Steel – Brushless – Low Voltage Battery Motors and Standard Motors. We have expanded our standard range of motors to include Low Voltage Motors.