Overview of Industrial Actuators

These Versatile, Compact, Easy to Use, Environmentally Friendly Industrial Actuators units offer numerous solutions to movement applications and BirCraft’s  extensive range includes:

  • Units can be fitted with the following Motors: AC, DC, Stepper, Servo & Brushless DC with voltages from 6v to 600v
  • Force: 400,000 N (40 Ton) down to 10 N (1Kg = 9.8 N)
  • Stroke Speed: 230 mm/s down to 0.6 mm/s
  • Length: Stroke up to 5 m
  • Availability: ACME or BALL screw


  • Customised Options on Request: Controllers, Potentiometers, Limit Switches, Encoders, Feedback, Protective Paint or Resins, Brake Motors, Safety Nut, Front Ends, Anti-Rotation, Hand Wheel, Bellows, IP Ratings and many more
  • Safe, reliable, precise, clean, low noise units
  • Operate at high efficiency under heavy load and cost effectively (avoids ancillary equipment)
  • Power is only required on operation
  • Compact and easily installed
  • Excellent replacement for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators
  • Applications: Steel / Mining & Solar Industries / Granular Materials Handling / Fluid Handling and many more


Please click on the specification sheet below for the PDF detailing the Force and Speed Combinations

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Popular All Rounders Selection

BirCraft offers a range of widely used, cost effective Linear Actuators which are either available in stock or with a faster Lead Time and Special Pricing on enquiry.

These popular all-rounders have versatile setups for easy adaptation in any application.

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Linear Actuators Options and Accessories

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