TV Lift Actuators / Automated TV Lift / Electric TV Lift

TV lift actuators are specialized actuators designed specifically for raising, lowering, and positioning televisions or displays. These Linear actuators are commonly used in furniture, cabinets, or custom installations where there is a need to conceal or reveal a television. BirCraft’s TV Lift Actuator offers the user a convenient remote-control Storage, height adjustment mechanism, quiet operation, and solid construction for long life.


  • Aluminum Construction which provides smooth movement with an elegant design.
  • Reliable, durable Electric Actuator systems that are easy to install.
  • Low noise and low standby power consumption.
  • 240/230Vac Input supply ~ V DC output.
  • Remote Control included for easy movements.
  • Holes in the column are provided for variable mount placement.
  • Accessory Kit includes everything you need for a quick installation.


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