AC Fractional Geared Motors

BirCraft offers an extensive range of Fractional Geared Motors:

  • Power Ratings: 8W to 550W with torque 0.5 Nm to 200 Nm
  • AC Voltages (Single phase: 115V & 230V) and (Three phase: 380V & 550V)
  • Gearing: Right Angle Worm, Helical & Spur or Planetary
  • Variable Speed Control available on request
  • Custom Design available for specific requirement/application

See Speed and Torque selection table below for Worm / Right Angle combinations:


187 RPM
N⋅m @
140 RPM
N⋅m @
93 RPM
N⋅m @
70 RPM
N⋅m @
47 RPM
N⋅m @
35 RPM
N⋅m @
28 RPM
N⋅m @
23 RPM
N⋅m @
18 RPM
N⋅m @
14 RPM
BA-EM0090 90 4 (G30)5 (G30)7 (G30)9 (G30)10 (G30)14 (G30)17 (G30)21 (G40)26 (G40)29 (G40)
BA-EM0120 120 5 (G30)7 (G30)9 (G30)12 (G30)16 (G30)19 (G40)22 (G40)28 (G40)34 (G40)38 (G50)
BA-EM0180 180 8 (G30)10 (G30)14 (G30)18 (G30)24 (G40)32 (G40)39 (G40)43 (G50)51 (G50)59 (G50)
BA-EM0250 250 11 (G40)14 (G40)21 (G40)26 (G40)36 (G40)44 (G50)54 (G50)59 (G50)75 (G63)85 (G63)
BA-EM0370 370 16 (G40)21 (G40)31 (G40)39 (G40)54 (G50)68 (G50)83 (G63)91 (G63)111 (G63)134 (G75)
BA-EM0550 550 24 (G50)32 (G50)46 (G50)59 (G50)80 (G50)105 (G63)124 (G63)142 (G75)174 (G75)199 (G75)
When Using Type G30When Using Type G40When Using Type G50When Using Type G63When Using Type G75
  • Other Speed / Torque combinations available on request
  • For other Gear Styles, please contact the Sales Team