Mini Actuators

BirCraft’s range of “light” Mini Actuators offers an affordable compact solution for that “light” side of life for Commercial and Domestic Applications

Our Miniature Linear Actuators / Electric Cylinder with ACME screw come standard with fixed built‐in Micro switches and an internal diode which allow for automatic stop when end stroke is reached and enables direction change by simply reversing the polarity.

  • Max Rated Forces: Up to 2 000 N (200 KG)
  • Strokes: 25 mm to 1 000 mm
  • Voltage Options: 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc
  • Options: Potentiometer, Controllers, Mounting Brackets, Power Supply
  • Applications: TV, Chair, Bed, Furniture, Architectural, Windows, Office, Locking, Medical, Domestic, Automotive and others within Actuators limitation



Please ensure that when installing Linear Actuators that there is a support system in place. Linear Actuators are meant to Push and Pull, Lift and Lower, Open and Close or Tilt and Pivot only. Failure to provide a support system will cause damage and/or failure to the unit.