Tachogenerators & Encoders Overview

  • These units supply a known voltage per Driven RPM speed to form a closed loop feedback to your control system.
  • Standard options available: 20v, 50v, 60v, 100v or 200 Volts DC per 1000 RPM.
  • We offer replacements for all major Brands in their various model types as well as Custom designed units to suit specific end‐user needs.
  • Typical Brands on offer are: ABB, Radio‐Energie, REO, Precilec (Zodiac), Hübner, Baumer, Huebner, Baumüller, BALDOR, Debu, Magnetic, Rotex, GE and Thalheim.
  • Our Tachogenerators can be combined to form COMBI units ‐ offering combinations of multiple units – Tacho / Encoder / Speed Switches – to suit even more applications